The Value on Chain team combines finance, strategy consulting and technology experience and skills, combining their know-how to make real assets easier to manage and more accessible


The idea behind Value on Chain

Real asset and infrastructure investments are experiencing strong sustained growth due to the fact that they attract investors who are seeking capital diversification. Moreover, those investors are increasingly looking for liquidity and secondary opportunities. However, investing in real assets has many inefficiencies, mainly resulting from the lack of transparency and liquidity from both investors’ and asset managers’ perspectives. While investors struggle to source prime opportunities – often resulting from their location and network, asset managers strive to attract capital due to an increasingly competitive environment. Technological solutions have emerged during the past few years, but are often centralised with limited improvement regarding back office frictions.

Value on Chain’s platform gives asset managers the power to directly issue securities on a primary market without the need for a broker or an intermediary and connects them seamlessly to investors that are members of the VoC network. Issuers and investor networks can communicate in a permissioned, secured, and decentralised fashion thanks to a DLT infrastructure.

Using our DLT platform, asset managers can manage their current investors, organise primary issuance, reach new investors, and automate lifecycle management related to digitalised real and infrastructure assets.

In a nutshell

Value on Chain is an institutional-grade DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) platform for seamless issuance and trading of unlisted real and infrastructure assets.

Our mission is to bring liquidity to illiquid assets by enabling issuers to tap new sources of capital without any intermediaries and provide investors with unique opportunities traditionally reserved to insiders.

We leverage the blockchain technology to ensure a maximum level of traceability, compliance, and back office automation while decreasing operational risks for both issuance and secondary exchange of assets.

Our Technology

Our technology built on R3 Corda meets the institutional requirements of the financial sector. Value on Chain is the first gateway linking digital assets with the traditional banking world in order to build a fully automated and compliant solution both primary and secondary markets.

We are building a dual solution: a primary issuance and investor management gateway for issuers that streamlines back-office and compliance processes for any issuer, and an investment and secondary OTC platform for investors.

In June, we released the beta version of our application which links the R3 Corda technology to our live web application.

Core Team

Mohamed Al Husseini

Mohamed Al Husseini

Operation Manger

Elie Azzi

Elie Azzi

Co-founder & Product Manager

Anton Germashev - Phd

Anton Germashev - Phd

Lead Developer - Kotlin & Corda

Antoine Loth

Antoine Loth

Co-founder & Business Development

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